Top 20 Textile Companies in Pakistan: A Thriving Industry

Top 20 Textile Companies in Pakistan: A Thriving Industry

textile companies in pakistan

The textile industry in Pakistan has witnessed significant growth and development, making it one of the country’s most vital sectors. With a rich history and a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, Pakistan’s textile companies have made their mark in both local and global markets. In this article, we will explore the top 20 textile companies in Pakistan, their contributions to the industry, and their commitment to quality and sustainability.

Top 20 Textile Companies in Pakistan

1. Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited

Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited stands as one of the oldest and most respected textile companies in Pakistan. Established in Karachi back in 1953, the company has a rich legacy and a robust market presence. Gul Ahmed is renowned for the production and sale of a diverse range of garments, available through its retail outlets known as ‘Ideas by Gul Ahmed.’ The company’s relentless commitment to quality and innovation has been instrumental in maintaining its leadership position in the textile industry. Supported by a workforce of around 7,000 employees, Gul Ahmed continues to make significant contributions to the industry’s growth.

Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Limited

2. Fateh Textile Mills

Another prominent player in Pakistan’s textile sector is Fateh Textile Mills. Since its start in 1952, this company has stood as a pivotal force in the textile industry, recognized for its varied variety of fabrics containing cotton, polyester, and blended materials. Having an annual production capacity of around 60 million meters of cloth, Fateh Textile Mills has emerged as a top choice for both local and international markets. The company’s incredible dedication to quality and sustainability has earned it a strong reputation within the industry.

Fateh Textile Mills

3. Nishat Mills Limited

Nishat Mills Limited, established in 1951, is also one of the largest textile companies in Pakistan. The company covers the entire textile value chain, ranging from fibre to yarn processing, which allows it to hold a comprehensive position in the textile industry. With a workforce exceeding 20,000 employees, the company has consistently delivered top-quality garments aligned with the latest trends and market demands. Situated in Lahore, Nishat Mills Limited oversees several subsidiary companies under its expansive umbrella within its empire.

Nishat Mills Limited

4. Chenab Limited

Chenab Limited emerges as a notable player in the textile industry in Pakistan. Headquartered in Faisalabad, the company has firmed its position as the largest exporter of home textile products in the country. Chenab Limited is involved in various facets of the industry, including fiber, yarn, and thread mills. With its commitment to sustainable and ethical business practices, the company has a reputation for delivering high-quality garments, curtains, duvets, sheets, and pillowcases for men, women, and children.

Chenab Limited

5. Husein Industries Limited

Husein Industries Limited has been a significant player in Pakistan’s textile industry since its establishment in 1953. The company is involved in various stages of textile production, from cotton cultivation to textile manufacturing, including polyester yarn, fabrics, and garments. With a commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices, Husein Industries Limited has effectively expanded its market presence, both within the domestic and international spheres.

Husein Industries Limited

6. Kohinoor Mills Limited

Kohinoor Mills Limited is a renowned textile company in Pakistan, known for its expertise in yarn and cloth manufacturing. Located in Lahore, the company is involved in textile processing and home textiles in addition to textile production. The company’s significant contribution to the local economy through the creation of employment opportunities, solidifies its status as an important player in the textile sector.

Kohinoor Mills Limited

7. National Silk and Rayon Mills Limited

National Silk and Rayon Mills Limited, established in 1950, is a well-known name in the embroidery industry in Pakistan. The company has effectively served both the local and international markets, guaranteeing the supreme quality in its products. With a focus on sustainable production practices, National Silk and Rayon Mills Limited has been able to meet the demands of customers worldwide.

National Silk and Rayon Mills Limited

8. Safa Textile Limited

Safa Textile Limited is a prominent Pakistani garment company that plays a crucial role in producing casual clothing. With manufacturing facilities located in Karachi, Safa Textile Limited emphasizes the production of modern clothing and integrates technology and processes to deliver high-quality products. The company actively engages its customers in the manufacturing process and strives to meet their evolving needs.

Safa Textile Limited

9. Fazal Cloth Mills Limited

Fazal Cloth Mills Limited, incorporated in 1966, is a leading textile company in Pakistan. The company is engaged in the production of yarn and cloth, with a strong focus on maintaining high-quality standards. Fazal Cloth Mills Limited has earned a reputation for producing products of superior quality, recognized both within Pakistan and internationally. Located in Multan, Punjab, the company has a dedicated workforce of approximately 5,895 employees.

Fazal Cloth Mills Limited

10. Soorty Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd

Soorty Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd is the largest vertically integrated denim company in Pakistan. Renowned for crafting top denim fabrics and jeans, Soorty Enterprises has ascended as a frontrunner in the industry on a global scale. The company’s relentless dedication to quality and innovation has garnered recognition internationally. Founded in 1983, Soorty Enterprises has a workforce of over 1,945 employees and continues to thrive in the competitive textile market.

Soorty Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd

11. The Crescent Textile Mills Limited

The Crescent Textile Mills Limited, founded in 1950, is a leading textile manufacturer in Pakistan. The company specializes in vertically integrated composite textile units, producing yarns, processed fabrics, and home textiles of the highest quality. With a strong focus on quality, innovation, and reliability, The Crescent Textile Mills Limited has built a reputation for excellence in the industry.

The Crescent Textile Mills Limited

12. Artistic Fabric Mills

Artistic Fabric Mills is a pioneer in supplying high-quality garments, fabrics, yarns, and garment products in Pakistan. With a strong focus on delivering products on time, the company has successfully traded in cloth and yarn for many years. Artistic Fabric Mills offers a range of products, from baby clothes to casual wear and outerwear. With a history dating back to 1949, the company has grown from a small shop to a reputable garment factory.

Artistic Fabric Mills

13. Interloop Limited

Interloop Limited specializes in the production of socks, hosiery, and knitwear. Established in 1992, the company has become a global giant, supplying to renowned brands worldwide. Interloop’s commitment to innovation and quality has positioned it as a leader in the socks manufacturing sector.

Interloop Limited

14. Alkaram Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 1986, Al-Karam Textile Mills is interchangeable with diversity and design excellence. The company offers an extensive range of products, including apparel, home textiles, and industrial textiles. Al-Karam’s dedication to quality and innovation has firmed its position as a textile titan in Pakistan.

Alkaram Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd.

15. Yunus Textile Mills Limited

Founded in 2002, Yunus Textile Mills Limited is recognized for its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and commitment to excellence. The company produces a diverse range of products, including home textiles, apparel, and institutional textiles. Yunus Textile Mills has earned certifications for its quality standards and ethical practices.

Yunus Textile Mills Limited

16. Sapphire Textile Mills

Sapphire Textile Mills, founded in 1969, stands as one of Pakistan’s largest vertically integrated textile manufacturers. With a robust production line encompassing spinning, weaving, processing, and power generation, Sapphire has earned its place as an industry leader. The company produces a diverse range of fabrics, including denim, lawn, and home textiles.

Sapphire Textile Mills

17. Masood Textile Mills

With a history dating back to 1984, Masood Textile Mills is known for its unwavering commitment to quality assurance. The company specializes in producing yarn, fabric, and apparel, catering to both local and international markets. Masood Textile Mills has consistently focused on technological advancements to maintain its competitive edge.

Masood Textile Mills

18. Feroze1888 Mills

Specializing in home textiles, Feroze1888 Mills has been a key player since its inception in 1888. The company’s devotion to quality can be seen in its diverse range of products, including bed linens, towels, and garments. Feroze1888 Mills has successfully adapted to evolving market trends, maintaining its prominence.

Feroze1888 Mills

19. Indus Group

Indus Group stands out in the textile industry with a focus on quality and sustainability. Established in 1957, the company’s commitment to eco-friendly practices sets it apart in the competitive market. Indus Group’s diversified product range, including bed sheets, reflects their dedication to meeting consumer demands while ensuring environmental responsibility.

Indus Group

20. Rainbow Textile

Rainbow Textile brings a burst of vibrancy to the textile industry. Established in 1992, the company is known for its diverse product range and innovative approach. Specializing in garments, Rainbow Textile maintains a contemporary edge, staying ahead in the competitive market. Their commitment to quality and adaptability ensures a colorful presence in Pakistan’s textile landscape.

Rainbow Textile


In the rich tapestry of Pakistan’s textile industry, these top 20 textile companies in Pakistan stand as pillars of innovation, quality, and reliability. From the seasoned establishments like The Crescent Textile Mills Limited to the dynamic newcomers like Interloop Limited, each contributes uniquely to the thriving textile landscape of Pakistan. As they weave the future of the industry, these companies showcase the resilience and excellence that define the nation’s textile sector.

Frequently Asked Question

What makes Sapphire Textile Mills a leader in the industry?

Sapphire’s commitment to quality and innovation, along with a diverse range of fabrics, sets it apart as a leader.

How does Kohinoor Textile Mills prioritize sustainability?

Kohinoor Textile Mills adopts eco-friendly practices throughout its production processes, emphasizing sustainability.

What distinguishes Interloop Limited in the textile sector?

Interloop Limited’s innovative approach, especially in the production of socks, reflects its adaptability in the dynamic textile industry.

Why is Masood Textile Mills recognized for quality assurance?

Masood Textile Mills is committed to ensuring quality at every stage of production, ensuring customer satisfaction.

What sets Al-Karam Textile Mills apart as a textile titan?

Al-Karam’s diverse product line and emphasis on design establish it as a textile titan, catering to varied customer preferences.

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